Gwangjang Market

Jongno5(o)ga Subway Station (Exit 11)

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Average price

$10 per person

Suggested time to spend

2-3 hours

Pro tip

πŸ‘€ Look for the secret entrance to the underground food court!


🍜 Street food stalls, 🍱 Traditional Korean food, πŸ›οΈ Clothing stores, πŸ§₯ Tailors, 🐟 Seafood market, πŸ₯© Meat market, 🍳 Kitchenware stores, πŸ₯˜ Food court, 🍺 Korean alcohol, πŸ’ Jewelry stores, πŸ₯’ Chopstick stores, 🍡 Tea shops, 🍺 Beer alley, 🎁 Souvenir shops.

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Closest Subway Station

Jongno5(o)ga Subway Station (Exit 11)



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North, Seoul

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μ„œμšΈ κ΄‘μž₯μ‹œμž₯

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