Please, please read carefully through this page! Entry will be denied if you don’t follow the first 4 steps.

Follow these 6 steps:

This is mandatory!

Start by applying for your Visa waiver once you know the date you are going to fly to Korea. Never use unofficial websites to apply for an K-ETA. They will scam you or charge higher fees (This is the official website: Usually the K-ETA will be sent to you within a few hours.

The document you need for application is only a photo of your ID.


This is mandatory!

(you can also fill out a paper on arrival, but I highly recommend doing it online to save time on the airport)

Q-Code is a quarantine waiver that you will receive as a QR-Code on your phone. At the airport, they will tell you when to show it to the staff.

This is free and will be issued instantly.


This is mandatory!

The airlines are requested by the Korean government to hand out an Arrival Card to every non-Korean traveler. This is how it looks like:

Give this card to the immigration officer at the airport together with your Passport.

If in some cases the Airlines do not hand out the form, then you can still fill them out at the airport. 

If you ordered my Korea Arrival Package, this form is always included.

This is mandatory!

The airlines are also requested by the Korean government to hand out Customs declaration Form to every traveler. This is how it looks like:

If they don’t give you a copy, then you can still get one at the airport.

If you ordered the Korea arrival package, this form is also included.

Check their website for regulations and items that need to be declared here.

This is not mandatory, but I highly recommend getting one, especially when you plan to travel outside of Seoul.

Wi-Fi is almost everywhere available, but can be hard to find at bus stops and subway stations, while navigating to your next destination. 

You can get Prepaid SIM cards at arrival at the Airport (Terminal 1/2).

They are usually quite costly, and I recommend ordering one online to save money.

If you are interested in getting one in advance, I offer them in my travel online shop.

Public transportation cards in Korea are called T-Money. You can use them in the entire country for Metro, Buses, Taxis and convenience stores. Even Starbucks, and other large shops accept them.

You can get them at Convenience stores at the airport, in the City, or get one included in my Arrival Package.

You can also get them in different cute designs ☺️ Like this BTS edition:

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🎉 Congratulations 🎉

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